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Price: $25.00

High Camera? Multi-Camera? I'm confused

Posted by Miriam on 10/23/2015 to Marching Band
Here's the difference:

We have 4 cameras positioned throughout the stadium, one at the very top of the stands.

The high camera view gives you the "birds eye view" of your band's show - showing the drill, props, auxiliary work - and remains on that view throughout the show. This version is for you if you're more interested in the drill and overall show, and less interested in solos, close-ups, and mid-level shots of sections of the band.

The multi-camera version uses footage from all of our cameras. It will alternate between the high camera view described above, to cameras in the press box and a camera on the field, based on what is happening on the field. This is more like what you'd expect to see on TV. You'll see featured sections of the band, soloists, prop work, and see more individual students during the show. Our video director is a former marching band member and designed marching band drills, and is great at knowing what to show at what part in the show - and all our camera people are former marching band and Drum Corps (DCI) members, and are experts at spotting what is about to happen on the field and getting great coverage of those moments. 

The most popular item we sell is the "both" item - where you purchase 2 DVDs or BluRays,  one containing the high camera view, the other containing the multi-camera view. You get to see your show from both perspectives! This is truly the best of both worlds. 

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