2018 Creighton Giselle
Price: $25.00
Price: $25.00


What is the difference between high camera and multi-camera?

On a high camera version of a show, footage from a single camera is used. A continuous wide shot is used to show the show from an overhead angle. No closeups are included in this version. On a multi-camera version, footage from multiple cameras is combined into one version of the show. This will include wide shots, closeups on soloists, and closeups on sections of the show. Muti-camera will look the most like broadcast TV, and many parents prefer this version. High camera usually appeals to directors, and parents that prefer to see the drill in its entirety. 

What is the difference between a DVD and a Blu-Ray HD disc?

All of our video is recorded using the same cameras and audio equipment. Our cameras are broadcast quality, and we use full stereo sound. That being said, the discs themselves will look quite different depending on your home viewing options. 

A Blu-Ray HD disc is a high definition recording, They require a Blu-Ray player to be played. The video and audio on these discs is of much higher quality than a standard definition DVD. 

A DVD is a standard definition recording. They will play in any DVD player and on any television. On a high definition television, the picture may appear "fuzzy", the way any standard definition DVD will look on a high definition television. The larger and newer your television, the more pronounced this will be.

Is the price displayed the final price, or are there additional charges for tax, shipping, etc.?

The prices displayed contain all required fees. No additional charges will be added at checkout.

Can I still order ... (fill in the blank)?

In most cases, yes. We keep our masters for multiple years, to accomodate requests from previous years. A partial list of what is "still" available:

NY State Field Championship (2012-2014)
Northeastern Colorguard Circuit Championships - Please call for specific information. 
NY State Percussion championships
DCA Championship Weekend (1998 - 2001)
All dance recitals for the length of time we have been with each studio. Please contact us for exact years. 

If you have a question about availability of your event, please feel free to contact us.

My event / year is not listed ... 

If you have inquiries about other DCA years, please contact DCA for information about other years. 
If your event is not listed - please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. Not all of our recordings, especially of smaller local events, are listed on the website, but may still be available. In particular, single school events (music programs, theatrical events, etc.) are available, but not listed on our site.